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What to do if I lost access to my two-factor authentication app?
What to do if I lost access to my two-factor authentication app?

How to access the app or disable your two-factor authentication in case you have lost access to your device.

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Once you have successfully enabled your two-factor authentication for your belo account, 10 recovery codes will appear on your screen. It is very important that you store them outside your device, preferably on paper.

Why is it important to store the codes properly?

These codes are essential to restore access to your two-factor authentication in the event that the device used to authenticate your belo account is lost or stolen.

When accessing your account, or whether your intention is to disable two-factor authentication, you will be provided with the "use recovery code" option on the screen to introduce one of the stored codes in order to access account or achieve deactivation.

Important information to keep in mind:

  • When activating your 2FA, you will be shown 10 recovery codes on the screen, although in case you lose access to your authentication app you should only use one of them. It is advisable to do so only if you do not have access.

  • The recovery codes will only be useful for 2 actions: accessing the app or disabling the two-factor authentication of your account. They cannot be used to approve money transfers.

  • It is not safe to store recovery codes on the same device where you use the two-factor authentication app.

In case you have lost access to your two-factor authentication app and do not have your recovery codes, we recommend you to contact our team via email at [email protected]

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