Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

What is two-factor authentication, how can it help you protect your account and how to enable it in a simple way.

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What is two-factor authentication?

Probably most of the accounts you rely on in your day-to-day activities are protected by at least one password. A password is an authentication factor, a requirement that ensures that the person attempting to log in is the owner of that account.

Two-factor authentication, also known by the acronym 2FA, refers to a security method used to provide greater protection in the access and operation of your accounts.

"2FA" aims, by means of additional requirements -usually a temporary code-, to verify the identity of the person who intends to sign in.

How to enable belo's two-factor authentication?

The first step when logging in to your account within the app is always to enter your registered email address. The first authentication is completed by confirming via email that you are indeed the person who intends to log in.

After providing your PIN -an additional security layer- it is possible to access your account, visualize your balances and make transactions.

Two-factor authentication allows you to add more security in the access to your account, introducing a new authentication factor. You will find the option under "App settings" > "Security" > "Two-factor authentication" in your profile section.

There you will be able to enable it by using Authy

You will need to copy the code provided by the belo app and enter it in the authentication application to link your account to it.

If you use Google Authenticator, we recommend you to deactivate cloud saving or use a different email address than your belo account, as a security precaution.

What are the recovery codes for?

It is extremely important that you securely store the recovery codes displayed on the screen once you have enabled two-factor authentication. These codes will allow you to restore access to your 2FA if your device is lost or stolen. It is advisable to store them outside your device, preferably on paper. Learn more about recovery codes and their use.

How to login to your account with your 2FA enabled?

After confirming the login via your email, you will need to enter the temporary code created by your two-factor authentication app, before entering the access PIN.

The codes provided are unique and have a lifetime of about 30 seconds. Once you have entered it in the belo app, you will be able to access your account, visualize your balances and make transactions.

When is activation of your 2FA mandatory?

You must have your 2FA enabled to carry out transactions for amounts equal to or greater than the equivalent of 200 USDT in any of the currencies available in belo. You will thus be required your 2FA on two opportunities: when logging in to your device and when approving money transfers in excess of that amount.

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