How can I fund my account worldwide?

Here are the available methods to fund your belo wallet from anywhere in the world.

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At belo we aim to build an app that simplifies your access to more and better financial services, so that you can move your funds quickly and securely and receive your income from abroad without complications or unjustified delays.

There are two ways to fund your account from anywhere in the world:

Through our integration with MoonPay, you can add balance to your account using international credit and debit card payments.

MoonPay will provide you with the quote and fees at the time of entering the amount to be added. You can choose which currency to receive in your account and see on the screen the balance that will be credited to it after confirming the operation. It is necessary that the card is in your name, however, it is not a condition that it has been issued in your country of residence.

Due to an alliance between Payoneer and belo, you can transfer your Payoneer balances directly to your belo wallet in a fast and secure way, without intermediaries or delays.

The funds are automatically converted into USDC at the current exchange rate when credited. Transferring your funds has a 4% transaction fee, with a minimum amount of 5 USD and a maximum of 5 withdrawals and 5,000 USD per day.

Transfer balances from Airtm

From the belo app, you can withdraw your funds from Airtm through the Stellar network to receive the money in USDC quickly and directly.

You will need to go to the "Receive from Airtm" section, copy the address and memo provided on the screen, and then enter "Withdraw Stellar USDC" in the Airtm app, complete the details, and confirm the transaction. At belo, we do not charge any fees for your deposit.

Your belo wallet can receive payments in euros via SEPA transfers. Soon, it will also be possible to receive payments in US dollars via SWIFT and ACH transfers.

Payments from abroad have a 1.5% transaction fee and take 1 to 2 business days to be credited. Balances are automatically converted to USDC at the current exchange rate, so you can also store them, swap them for other cryptocurrencies or use them with the belo Mastercard® if your account was created with a DNI issued in Argentina.

Receiving Payments in Brazilian Reais via Pix

If you are receiving payments in Brazilian reais, belo app allows you to accept payments through Pix, the most popular payment method in Brazil. It's simple: they pay in reais, and you receive USDT in your belo wallet, which you can then exchange or use as you wish.

From the "Charge with Pix" section, you can enter the purchase amount. You can denote the amount in pesos, reais, or USDT. Regardless of the currency in which you write the amount, you will receive USDT for the purchase. You will generate a QR code for the customer to pay from their banking app. You will receive the amount immediately in USDT with a commission of 1.5%.

A third alternative for those who are more familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies is to receive a crypto transfer. Learn all the details:

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