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By clicking on the "Receive" option, you will be able to choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. There you will find your address and its QR code, to copy or scan from your crypto wallet and send the funds.

You can also click on the cryptocurrency you want and choose the option "Receive" to access the address and the QR code to send it.

Supported networks for each cryptocurrency are:

  • BTC: BitcoinBECH32 (Segwit) and BitcoinP2SH (Legacy).

  • ETH: Ethereum ERC-20

  • DAI: Ethereum ERC-20

  • USDT: Ethereum ERC-20 and Tron TRC-20

  • USDC: Ethereum ERC-20

Accreditation delay is variable: depending on each network it can vary from seconds to a few minutes.

Remember that ERC-20 transactions must be on-chain. It is not possible to receive deposits via smart contracts.

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