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What is your $belotag and what is it for?
What is your $belotag and what is it for?

Send crypto immediately and for free to people using the app.

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At Belo, we focus on simplicity. We prioritize an intuitive user experience so that you don't waste time and effort when moving your funds.

That's why we incorporated the $belotag: a unique name that you set when you register in the app and through which others can find you and send you bitcoin, ether or stablecoins. The funds are instantly added to your balance and there is no cost at all.

Let's take an example:

You met up with friends for a pizza on Friday night. You are about to say goodbye and you realize that you didn't pay your share to the friend who offered to pay for the bill. You both have a belo account set up and you know it is the most practical way to transfer the money.

In this case, you can choose to send the other person the equivalent in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC or DAI.

What address do you ask for? Simple, his/her $belotag. It is the most convenient way to transfer between people using belo: it enables you to send the cryptocurrency of your choice, in a very quick and free way.

What kind of transfers is the $belotag for?

Always remember that the $belotag can only be used for in-app transfers. This means that whoever sends the funds must have a belo account to transfer cryptocurrencies to that address. In the case of an external wallet, you must provide the specific address of the cryptocurrency you want to receive.

What is the main benefit of transferring within belo through the $belotag?

A bitcoin or ether transfer which price outside the app is variable and can be quite expensive at times, between belo accounts is totally free.

Did you choose your $belotag and now want to change it?

No problem. Within the app, go to the "Settings" section and select "Personal data". There you will be able to edit your $belotag and choose the one you like the most to share it whenever you want to receive crypto in your belo account.

If you are still not enjoying this great opportunity, we invite you to download the app to your phone:

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