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How to buy gift cards with your balance?
How to buy gift cards with your balance?

Within the app you can use your coins to buy a variety of gift cards, due to belo and Bitrefill integration.

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On the belo app's home screen you will find a new button: it is the "virtual stores" feature, which allows you to use the currencies in your balance to buy gift cards for a wide range of items.

An option that maximizes your privacy, removes restrictions and provides you with a variety of use cases for your coins in belo.

Which gift cards are available for purchase? 🛍️

Supermarket, household items, clothing, food, travel and a wide selection of gaming cards are part of the Bitrefill catalog, which you can browse in detail by clicking on the "virtual stores" button.

Within the selected gift card, it is very important that you visit the "How to Redeem" section. Each store has specific conditions that apply to the gift cards offered and it is essential for you to know them in detail before acquiring one of them (participating stores, expiration dates, maximum purchase amounts, among others).

You will also find the Terms and Conditions section. Remember that once you have purchased a gift card through Bitrefill, any inconvenience related to its use must be reported to the corresponding company.

In which countries may gift cards be used? 🌎

Each country has a specific catalog of available products. On the Bitrefill home page you can select the desired country and language by clicking on the home button. It is important that you verify prior to purchase that the desired gift card can be redeemed in the country where you will use it.

Which funds are used to pay for the purchase? 💰

You will use the funds based on the payment profile previously configured. In other words: you will be able to choose which currency to pay with and in which order of preference.

When confirming the purchase, you will be able to edit these settings to select a different currency than the one you have previously chosen, although you will have to re-enter the functionality to continue with the purchase.

Balances used are automatically converted at the time of payment to bitcoin, the currency used for Bitrefill purchases. This way, the payment is made directly with cryptocurrencies.

Restrictions to purchases in foreign currency do not apply 👌

Since it is a purchase made with cryptocurrencies, it does not involve foreign currency transactions, so it is not subject to exchange market regulations.

Purchase limits on your belo account do not apply 🚀

Purchases you make with your cryptocurrencies via Bitrefill are not subject to your account limits. You can use them without restrictions.

You can make purchases up to a maximum of 500 USDT per day if you do not have a Bitrefill account. If you do have an account, the limit goes up to 10,000 USDT.

How to activate the gift card once it is received by email? 📧

Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive your card in the e-mail address you registered in belo. If you have chosen the gift option, it will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

The rest of the process is quite simple: you will have to click on the button in the email you received to claim your coupon. It is important to make sure, after claiming it, that no one else has access to the code. Otherwise, third parties could get hold of your gift card and use it instead of you.

Explore the available stores and use your money with privacy and no restrictions to shop at physical and virtual merchants all over the world..


By using the virtual stores functionality, you are accessing a third party site, not associated with belo. Belo is not responsible for the content and products offered by Bitrefill..

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