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Crypto transfers are not reversible

The nature of cryptocurrencies is decentralization. When sending crypto balances from one address to another, there is no authority or arbiter to whom we can claim a refund or reversal of the transaction.

Whenever you make a transaction, take the time to check the details before sending. Once confirmed, there is no way back, and if you mistake an address, those funds cannot be recovered.

Every coin has its own networks

In case you send cryptocurrencies to a wallet or to your belo address through a network that is not supported by the app, it will not be possible to recover your funds, so we recommend to be cautious when making this kind of transfer.

You can use this variety of networks to your benefit by sending and receiving bitcoin through the Lightning Network or USDT/USDC via Tron, both of which are great options.

Which networks are supported by belo for transfers?

  • BTC: Bitcoin and Lightning Network

  • ETH: ERC-20

  • USDT: ERC-20 y TRC-20 (Tron)

  • USDC: ERC-20 y TRC-20 (Tron)

  • DAI: ERC-20

In case you prefer to do internal transactions (through a smart contract) you must first contact support. They may take 7 to 10 days to be credited. Transfers originating from Tornado Cash are not supported.

It is not possible to receive crypto via Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). Those cryptocurrencies sent in this way will not be credited to belo and cannot be retrieved.

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