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How to make an Argentine pesos deposit in belo?
How to make an Argentine pesos deposit in belo?

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Once you have created your account, if you hold a DNI issued in Argentina, you will be able to deposit pesos in belo in a really simple way. It is done via a bank transfer.

Where to transfer to?

To your Uniform Virtual Key (CVU) or Alias CVU. In order to view your CVU and copy it, from the home page of the app, click on "Receive". You will see all the options for transferring funds to belo. One of them is the bank transfer.

Click on "Transfer" and you will access the CVU or Alias CVU address to send to from a bank or payment service provider. Copy the address or scan the QR code from the bank's app to transfer.

From which accounts is it possible to make transfers?

You can receive transfers from any bank account (CBU) or payment account (CVU) in pesos in Argentina, whether it is yours or a third party's account.

How long does my deposit take?

Once the transfer has been made, the funds should be credited instantly, although depending on the bank or issuing entity, it may take up to 72 hours to reach belo.

If you have sent pesos to the app and do not see them credited within 24 hours, please contact our team from the app or via email at [email protected] so that we can solve it.

How to modify your CVU Alias

When you create your belo account, you will be assigned a CVU number, a 22-digit code that allows you to make transfers from any bank account or payment account in pesos and is automatically assigned to your wallet.

You will also have an Alias CVU: a simpler way of sharing your details to receive a transfer. You will be able to modify your Alias CVU at any time to choose the one you like best.

How to deposit cryptocurrencies

To send crypto to belo, you will also have to click on "Receive" on the main screen, although the rest of the details are given here.

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