When depositing and withdrawing money in the app there are maximum limits that you should know.

[However, in case of exceeding certain amounts we will ask you for documentation, in order to comply with current regulations and ensure the lawful origin of the funds.]

Documentation is not required for deposits or withdrawals of less than the equivalent of:





5.000 USDT

50.000 USDT

100.000 USDT


2.000 USDT

20.000 USDT

40.000 USDT


  • Limit values are calculated in USDT, even if it concerns other cryptocurrencies.

  • Limits are calculated separately for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Limits are calculated on a rolling basis. For example, you will be able to make deposits if you did not make in the last 30 days deposits equivalent to 50,000 USDT.

    • Daily limits count the last 24 hours of activity.

    • Monthly limits count the last 30 days of activity.

    • Annual limits count the last 365 days of activity.

  • Annual limits supersede monthly limits; monthly limits supersede daily limits.

  • Exchange rates used to determine deposit and withdrawal limits are based on a weighted moving average of the last 24 hours, which you can check by logging into the app.

Override limits (?)

If you want to deposit more than the indicated limits, we will ask you for documentation that proves the legitimate origin of the deposits, such as salary statements, issued invoices, or an accounting declaration of income. If you are unable to provide the corresponding documentation, after 30 days we will be forced to suspend your account.

If you wish to make withdrawals greater than those indicated, we ask you to write to us at [email protected] to increase them according to your needs.

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