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Why does the belo card not have my name on it?
Why does the belo card not have my name on it?

The belo Mastercard® is plain and does not have your name on the front or back. Find out why we decided to make it that way.

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No. We didn't forget to include it. The belo card doesn't have your name on it and it's on purpose. Let us tell you why we made that decision.

🛡️ An unnamed card is more secure

If you forget a card that has your name printed on it, there is a greater chance that whoever finds it can commit fraud with it.

After finding out your ID, for example, they could use it at online merchants before you know it. The chances are lower if whoever has it doesn't know your identity 👤

🤩 An unnamed card is simpler and more practical.

If you have not yet requested your physical card but you joined an event attended by belo, you can take yours 📨

That's because you don't need to print your name on the card. In the app, go to the "My cards" section, click on "Activate card" and enter the last 8 digits on the back of the card. Your belo Mastercard® will be linked to your wallet and ready to use 👌

⚖️ It is accepted for payment worldwide

Your belo Mastercard® doesn't have your name on it, but that's no excuse to reject it. In Argentina, Law N°27.253 determines the mandatory acceptance of debit cards, but also non-bank prepaid cards, such as belo Mastercard®.

"We only accept bank cards" or "we do not accept crypto cards" are not valid reasons, they are false arguments.

💳 Learn all about belo Mastercard® by clicking here.

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