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Duplicate identity

What should you do if you see this warning on the home screen of the app?

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If you see a "Duplicate Identity" warning on belo's home screen, you shouldn't worry. What probably happened is that you logged in to the app again with your same identity, but with a different email address than the one you originally used for your registration.

  • Click on your photo on the home page

  • There you will see your profile. At the top right, click on the icon to log out.

  • Now click on "I already have an account".

  • Login to the app with your original email (the first email you received from belo).

If you don't remember your original email address, you can request your original email address via chat based on the ID we obtained from your first registration. This requires you to click on 'Your profile' > 'Help' > 'Chat with belo'. By initiating a conversation in this way, we will ask you for your ID to help you recover your account.

If you have any questions, you can contact our support team through the app or via email at [email protected].

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