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I'm having issues verifying my identity
I'm having issues verifying my identity

If you are experiencing problems with identity verification, here is an article that may help you

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When you create your belo account there are several steps to follow to verify your identity and start transacting in pesos and cryptocurrencies. It usually takes just a few minutes, but different situations can make the process difficult and slow you down.

What documentation is allowed?

✅ National identity card.

❌ Passport or driving license

When opening your account at belo we will ask you to capture a photo of the front and back of your DNI if you are an Argentine resident, or, if you are not an Argentine resident, of the national identity card corresponding to your country of residence.

This distinction is relevant because the country of issuance of your ID card will determine the functions available to you in the app (for example: so far, only those who create their account with an Argentine DNI can apply for their prepaid card).

So what does the video recording consist of?

It is popularly called "proof of life" and is required immediately after uploading the photos of your ID card. Its purpose is to confirm through biometrics that the person who is creating your account is indeed the person who owns the identity, and that there are no third parties opening an account in your name.

It is important that you record this video at that precise moment, as previously recorded and uploaded videos from your mobile phone will not be accepted.

For any problems you may have when creating your account, please email us at [email protected] so we can help you.

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