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How to withdraw crypto from belo?
How to withdraw crypto from belo?

Just as you can send crypto from $belotag to $belotag, you can also send to external wallets using the app

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In a very simple way, just as you received cryptocurrencies in belo, you can withdraw them to an external wallet.

How? On the home screen of the app, click on the "Send" option. You will have to enter the address of the destination wallet in the box.

The options are quite diverse. You can enter a $belotag to send Argentine pesos or crypto to people in the app, a CBU/CVU to send Argentine pesos to a bank or payment account, or different crypto addresses.

Make sending even easier by using the QR code scanner on the "Send" screen. To find out in detail which addresses you can scan, click here.

Crypto transfers to external wallets

It is possible to transfer to Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum (ERC-20), Tron (TRC-20) addresses, and even ENS domains by simply entering them in the "Send" box. For detailed minimum amounts and fees for crypto transfers, click here.

Before confirming your crypto transfer, there are points you should take into account, both to avoid making mistakes and to optimise your transfers and take advantage of the most economic channels. We invite you to read about it here.

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