Just like you read it. Pay with your belo Mastercard┬« ­čĺ│ and get up to 21% cashback on every purchase, whether it's made with your physical or virtual card.

Now when the bill arrives you'll want to pay for it yourself. Every purchase you make in your day-to-day life will have a variable cashback in crypto.

This is a random distribution, which varies between 2% and 21% of the total value of the purchase. It is paid inmediately when you make a purchase in the cryptocurrency of your choice between those available in the app.

There is a monthly cashback cap per person of AR$100,000 and a daily cashback cap of 21 transactions with your card.

The cashback benefit does not apply to purchases made in contravention of belo's Terms and Conditions of Use.

Read: Terms and Conditions - Cashback

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