If you used to share it for free... imagine now that introducing your people to belo comes with a reward!

You will receive 1 DAI for every month that a person you refer makes a crypto swap within the app. You can access this reward up to three times per referral.

How to invite people to belo? In order to access your referral link, you must have previously made a minimum of 21 purchases with your physical card. Request it simply from the app to start enjoying it and refer your friends.

You can refer up to 10 people per month. Share your link or show your QR code as many times as you wish and you will receive as many DAI as people who download the app with it, verify their identity and start moving in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Enjoy your reward while they enjoy the app. You deserve it, you made their life a little bit simpler.

If you don't see your referrals in the app counter or your DAI hasn't been credited, it's likely:

  • The referred person has signed up on their own, without a referral link.

  • The referred person has completed the process with interruptions

  • The referred person changed WiFi networks, or switched to mobile data while completing the process

  • You shared the card referral link with them (and not the "Earn DAI" campaign link)

  • The referred person downloaded the app with the link but was slow to verify

  • The referred person did not make the swap after verifying him or herself

For full details, we invite you to read the Terms and Conditions.

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