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How do I request my physical belo Mastercard®?
How do I request my physical belo Mastercard®?

Once you have the option enabled, you can request your card from the app to receive it at the address you indicate

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You can request your belo Mastercard® within the app to start using your cryptocurrencies wherever and however you want.

How to do it? It's very simple. In the "My cards" section is where you will manage your cards and where you will define your preferred payment profile to decide which cryptocurrencies to pay with and which to save.

There you will find the "Request a new card" button, where you can request your physical or virtual card. Click on the option to order a physical card and then select the delivery address. This may be the address shown on your ID card or any other address of your choice.

Once you have confirmed the details, your card will be on its way and will be delivered by post to the address indicated. As soon as you request it, you will not have a tracking number, but it will appear in the "My cards" section in less than 24 working hours.

Once you receive it, all you have to do is activate it to start enjoying it.

If your card is lost or stolen, you will have to report it within the app to request a new one and continue using your cryptocurrencies at merchants around the world.

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