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How to create a new virtual card?
How to create a new virtual card?

We explain how to create a virtual card, to use your cryptocurrencies in online shops or mobile payment applications

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Your belo Mastercard® is available for you. Even if you don't have your physical card yet, you will be able to use its virtual version.

It is available and activated automatically in "My cards".

There you can manage your cards and define your preferred payment profile to decide which cryptocurrencies to use to pay and in which order.

You can create other virtual cards at any time by clicking on the "Request a new card" button. If you have already requested the physical version, you can only create a new virtual card.

Clicking on your card will take you to a new screen, from where you can pause or resume it, manage your limits and report it in case you want to cancel it.

By clicking on "See data" you will be asked to enter the security PIN to confirm that only you can access this information. There you will see the card number, as well as the expiration date and the security code, which will allow you to use this version for online payments or to load it as a payment method in applications such as Mercado Pago.

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