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Store my belo Mastercard® in Mercado Pago to use it to pay from my mobile phone
Store my belo Mastercard® in Mercado Pago to use it to pay from my mobile phone

Once you have your physical or virtual card, you can use it to pay from your mobile phone using different applications

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After enabling your virtual card or activating your physical card, you can incorporate it into applications such as Mercado Pago to make payments with your belo Mastercard® from your mobile phone and enjoy its benefits even without carrying your plastic with you.

How to do it? By clicking on the "My cards" section, you will be able to view the cards you have activated, both physical and virtual.

By clicking on one of them, you will access a new screen, from where you can pause or resume it, manage your limits and report it in case of theft or loss.

After selecting "View data" you will be asked to enter your security PIN to confirm that only you can access this information. There you will see the card number, as well as the expiry date and the security code, which will allow you to use this version for online payments or to load it as a means of payment in applications such as Mercado Pago.

In Mercado Pago you will have to click on the section of your cards and press the button "Add a new card". There you will have to enter the details of your belo Mastercard® to load it into the application.

The next time you pay with QR, your belo Mastercard® will now be one of the options (we believe the most attractive) to use your pesos or cryptocurrencies in everyday purchases.

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