What is automatic savings?

You can schedule recurring purchases to transfer your balances to crypto in a simple (and automatic) way within the app

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Saving is an everyday decision. A conscious choice we make with an eye to the future. Setting aside a small amount every day to save can make a big difference. Introducing our digital "piggy bank" 🐷.

What is automatic savings? 💰

Our belo-developed solution to the savings challenge. A simple way to buy the currencies of your choice at regular periods of time. You just select how much you want to save, how often you want to save, and the app takes care of it. It's automatic.

This way, you can set aside every day, every week or every month a saving that builds up in your account and earns yields in real time 📈

Which currencies is it possible to save in? 👇

In stablecoins, such as USDT, USDC or DAI, that keep parity with the dollar, or in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, if you don't find volatility to be a problem.

You already subscribed to three different streaming platforms... to Spotify Premium to avoid advertising... to the gym you don't even go to.... Aren't you going to subscribe to your savings? 📲

What are the advantages of "subscribing" to your savings?

  • Reducing the impact of volatility: markets are volatile, and prices can rise and fall unpredictably, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. By employing automatic savings, you will be able to buy the coin of your choice over time, which softens the impact of volatility and protects you from investing all of your capital in a price spike.

  • Building a healthy habit: by setting up automatic savings, you will be setting regular intervals to save automatically. This forces you to maintain financial discipline without additional effort. You will avoid impulsive decisions based on emotions and will be able to stick to a solid plan.

  • Reducing stress and timing risks: Trying to predict the best time for a buy can be risky and lead to missed opportunities. With automatic savings you will remove the stress of making precise timing decisions and focus on a consistent strategy.

The "automatic savings" feature is available on the home screen of the belo app. At any time it will be possible to modify the created settings to best suit your preferences and goals.

What happens if you have created your automatic savings and you have no balance left on your account?

In this case, your configuration will be automatically paused and you will have to resume it once you dispose of a balance in the app in the originating currency.

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