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"Never catch a sharp knife falling" some people say. Sizing the market to buy at the best price is very difficult. Many people prefer to make purchases independently of the price of an asset and at regular intervals. The aim is to minimise the relevance of the moment when the purchase is made.

At belo we want you to have access to protect your savings in the simplest way. That is why we have added this feature: recurring purchases.

You are able to create your own configuration in the app:

  • Choose how much to buy of the currency you prefer.

  • Choose how often you want to buy (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • And that's it! Your recurring purchase is created

The "recurring purchases" function is available in your profile section. You can modify the settings created at any time to adapt them as much as possible to your preferences and objectives.

What happens if you have created one and have no balance left on your account?

In this case, your recurring purchase will be automatically paused and you will have to resume it once you have a balance in the app in the original currency of the configuration you have chosen.

belo is the simplest - and now automatic - way to move in pesos and cryptocurrencies to make your money worth more every day.

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