How can I send USDC to belo via Tron?

There is a way to transfer USDC at a minimal cost to belo, as long as the originating wallet allows sending through Tron (TRC-20)

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If you are looking to transfer stablecoins from one wallet to another, the best known way is the Ethereum network (ERC-20). However, sometimes the network fees can be very high, making it difficult to move your funds and conduct transactions.

That's why at belo we integrated Tron's network. When receiving USDC, Ethereum will not be your only available address option. You will have a TRC-20 address, belonging to Tron blockchain, which makes it easy to send USDC at the cost of 1 USDC.

You only have to ensure that your wallet supports this type of address, so that you can copy or share it at the time of transferring and save a few bucks 💵

Tron is a very convenient alternative. Its costs are very low compared to Ethereum and the accreditation times are really agile.

You can send and receive both USDC and USDT through Tron.

At the moment, it is only possible to receive USDC through a TRC-20 (Tron Network) or ERC-20 (Ethereum Network) address and only on-chain transactions (not from smart contracts).

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