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How to withdraw BTC from belo via the Lightning Network ⚡?
How to withdraw BTC from belo via the Lightning Network ⚡?

Withdraw BTC immediately and free of charge

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When withdrawing bitcoin via the Lightning Network, it is important that the receiving wallet supports Lightning. Otherwise you will not be able to send them.

Examples of such wallets are Muun Wallet, Blue Wallet and Wallet of Satoshi.

Step by step:

  1. From your external wallet, you will need to create an invoice to copy, or simply copy your Lightning address if the wallet allows it.

  2. Once in belo, select the option "Send".

  3. There you will have to paste the address of the invoice or your Lightning address. You can algo scan its QR code.

    1. If you have entered the address of an invoice, you will see the preset amount on the screen, which you cannot change. When you confirm it, the shipment will be made.

    2. If you have entered the address of a Lightning wallet, you will have to select the amount to be sent. Once you have entered the amount, you can confirm it and send it.

  4. In seconds and completely free of charge you will have your BTC in the other wallet.

Make sending even easier by using the QR code scanner on the "Send" screen. Find out in detail which addresses you can scan by clicking here.

Crypto is an everyday experience when using belo. Now with Lightning, transferring bitcoin from and into belo is much simpler.


Lightning Network aimed from its inception to bring bitcoin to everyday transactions. Scalability was always a debate in the community and Lightning is one of the most solid solutions to make bitcoin transactions instant and extremely cheap.

Make it simple

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