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Open your belo account

Start managing your cross-border payments as a freelancer or remote worker.

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Welcome to belo! We're excited to guide you through the process of opening your account and starting to manage your cross-border payments as a freelancer or remote worker.

First of all, download the app, available for both Android and iPhone. Check if it's available in your country to open an account.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can sign up.

  • You'll need to register with an email address, which will receive a verification email to confirm it's your access email.

  • Once verified, you can continue the process from the app and enter a PIN for access. The PIN will provide an additional layer of security for your Belo account and will be required every time you log in. You can also add biometric authentication for a smoother login experience.

  • After entering your PIN, the app will invite you to create your $belotag. This unique tag will allow other Belo users to transfer funds to you instantly and for free, making it easy to receive international payments.

  • Once you've created your $belotag, to start using Belo and enjoying its features, you'll need to upload documentation that verifies your identity. This must be an official ID document.

  • The app will guide you to take photos of your documentation, followed by a brief video of you making head movements. Don't worry, if everything goes smoothly, the process will be automatic, and no one will see that video...

  • And that's it! Once you've completed the identity verification process, you'll receive confirmation to start using Belo. This usually takes a few minutes, unless there's an error. If it takes longer, please contact our team to resolve the issue.

Now you can start exploring the app's features, designed specifically for freelancers and remote workers. You can easily send and receive international payments, save in stable currencies, and enjoy a user-friendly interface for daily use.

Share your experience and help us improve!

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