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How to deposit BTC via Lightning Network ⚡?
How to deposit BTC via Lightning Network ⚡?

Deposit BTC immediately and practically for free

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Lightning Network aimed since its inception to bring bitcoin to everyday transactions. Scalability was always a debate in the community and Lightning was one of the most solid solutions for bitcoin transactions to be instant and very cheap.

To deposit bitcoin through the Lightning Network, it is important that the wallet from which you send funds supports Lightning. Otherwise you will not be able to send funds.

An example of this type of wallet is Muun Wallet, which works great and has a simple interface as belo.

In belo's home page, you can select the option "Receive" and then "Bitcoin" (or alternatively "Bitcoin" and then "Receive").

Once there, you will find the different addresses and their respective QR to scan and send the funds. In case of Lightning, you will notice that it is necessary to set an amount. This is the amount you want to deposit. Once that amount is entered, an invoice will be created and a unique address and QR code will be generated, which can be used only once to send the funds.

In your external wallet you enter the address created or scan the code and will be able to send the funds.

In seconds, and at a very low cost you will have your BTC in belo to start earning yields every day. With belo, crypto is an everyday experience.

Now with Lightning, moving bitcoin in and out of belo is much simpler. Try it and tell us, you won't believe it.

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