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I bought crypto and my balance changed - What happened?
I bought crypto and my balance changed - What happened?

When you buy cryptocurrencies in belo, you may see changes in your balances. What do they mean?

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You deposited cryptocurrencies in belo. You swapped them for another one you wanted and they are already in your balance. However, when visualizing the balances you notice that the numbers are not the same.

When measuring your balance in different currencies, you may notice differences. This may be because:

  1. The price of the crypto varied: the value of a cryptocurrency in terms of another one changed, due to the fluctuations that occur everyday in the market as a result of supply and demand.

  2. There are different prices whether to buy or sell (i.e. there is a spread). In belo, the displayed balance is the equivalent of your crypto balances denominated in your chosen native currency at the current selling exchange rate. It is similar to the "available balance", the one you can convert and use immediately.

If you believe your balances have changed for any reason other than those listed above, please contact us at [email protected] so we can fix it.

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